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The Rotary Club of Maleny International Service


To support the Rotary organization in its international activities, to be a service who strives for excellence and whose contributions and support improve the lives in communities world wide.

What We Do

The Rotary Club of Maleny actively support projects world wide such as "Polio Plus", "Rotarians Against Malaria" (RAM) and "Shelter Box".  Support during the recent years has been given through "Donations in Kind", Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) and the Rotary Foundation. The Maleny club gives manual and financial support to other clubs to enable projects to be completed in the Solomon Islands, PNG and the Philippines.  

The club also sponsors a student at St Jude in Tanzania and hosts "Vocational Team Training" (VTT) groups from various parts of the world. As an example in 2011 the club hosted a VTT from Louisiana USA for a week.

Support is also given to "Ebeneezer", a locally grown charity which has been supported by Rotary through RAWCS and as a result has raised over $500,000.  

We are always at the forefront in supporting international disasters such as the 2011 Earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand and in Northern Japan.

A Notable International Service Project, an Example of What the Club Achieves

The Rotary Club of Maleny in 2010 funded the purchase and distribution of two "Shelter Boxes" to disaster areas overseas. The boxes that cost $1,000.00 each are vital for survival of individuals, particularly in the early stages of a disaster. A Shelter Box contains a range of equipment necessary to survive, including a disaster relief tent for a family of up to 10 people, a basic tool kit, thermal blankets, cooking utensils and a stove. a photo of a typical box can be seen at the right of this page. The club is committed to the ongoing support of this worthwhile relief project.



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Shelter Boxes contain essentials for survival in disaster areas.

PNG women at the markets selling products they make from the fabrics, haberdashery and sewing machines The Rotary Club of Maleny sent to Janetta of the Port Moresby Rotary Club.